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Are you feeling overwhelmed with homeschool record keeping? 

Maybe you lose track of papers or have a difficult time keeping track of your homeschool books. 

Or you might need help creating an effective homeschool schedule or daily routine. 

You need all your papers, thoughts, plans, and ideas in one place. 

What if you had a simple way to organize and streamline your homeschool records?

With this course you'll find all the resources you need to keep organized records of curriculum, books, chores, schedules, routines, and even future plans - even up through high school.

You'll get documents to help you track everything from your curriculum purchases to your student's grades.

You'll receive over 30 worksheets to get you started on the path to a more organized homeschool!

There are also short videos with ideas and instructions for using the each document.

And they also contain some helpful tips to plan and organize your homeschool.

Get prepared to organize your homeschool.

You can print off the documents that you need and watch the tutorials to get started.

As an added bonus, you'll also receive access to any updates to this course!

This means that if new documents are added, you can download them at any time. 

And if new videos or any new tips or tutorials are added - you'll be able to view that content right here.

Sign up today to get access to all the documents and resources to help you organize your homeschool records.

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What's included?

7 Videos
21 Texts
30 PDFs
Lexi Henegar
Lexi Henegar
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About Lexi

Lexi is homeschool mom, lover of books, and obsessive planner. She homeschools her six children with the help of her university professor husband. 

Lexi writes about organizing your homeschool, choosing curriculum, and shares secrets of authentic homeschooling on her blog at 

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